Month: May 2013

Pat and Christine = Engaged!!

This past Friday Pat and Christine came to Gasport for their chilly engagement session (temps had dropped 30 degrees since Wednesday).  This sweet couple will be tying the knot next May. Although Christine was shivering with the cold, her man was close to keep her warm. This is right in Gasport, our hometown. Sitting on… Read more »

Fabulous Thomas and Jessica are ENGAGED!!

Tom and Jessica’s engagement shoot was this past Tuesday, when the weather forecast was for severe thunderstorms.  Undaunted, they met us at Lockport’s Spring Lake Winery.  (About 15 minutes after we finished, the skies opened up and we had the expected rain, WHEW!) This is actually the last shot from the session, but I’m putting… Read more »

Jennifer Allis Photography + BASEBALL!!!

It’s a Saturday afternoon in May and we don’t have a wedding. What to do? BASEBALL!! Kevin and I have three awesome children, ages 13, 11, and 9.  Our youngest is currently playing in his fourth year of baseball.  I love him.  I love baseball.  I love watching him play baseball! And, this year, for… Read more »

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Tiffany Rukavina: at St. Margaret’s Church and Kotecki’s Grandview Grove

When you’re “inside” weddings as much as we are, you notice things. Like, the importance of choosing a supportive (and fun) bridal party.And, how staying flexible can make or break your day.And, the difference a loving family makes. HUGE, HUGE things that come in such ordinary little packages, they may just go unnoticed.  BUT, when… Read more »

Michael and Sarah = WED!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013.  Gorgeous day, beautiful couple.  Infant of Prague Church and Lafayette Hotel. We are so blessed.  We get to go behind-the-scenes into the lives of some of the most amazing people.  Several times talking with Sarah, she pointed out that she had a very small family and Mike had a big, Italian… Read more »

Mike and Sarah in the cherry blossoms of New York!

Have you ever been under a cherry tree while it “snows” its blossoms on you?  It’s an almost magical feeling.   The blossoms were at their peak at our wedding this past Saturday.  Our awesome couple, Michael and Sarah Collana, chose to have their photos taken at Forest Lawn Cemetery in downtown Buffalo.  At Mirror… Read more »

Why models?

On my recent trip to St. Louis to attend an After Dark EDU event, I had the amazing opportunity to work with models. It kind of felt like cheating.  In a good way. They moved, pouted, smiled, and posed without much direction at all.  It was a new experience for me. Here is an example:… Read more »

After Dark, continued :)

Yesterday I posted about some of the awesomeness of After Dark.  Today, I’m back to share more!! This image is from a class on how to use poor locations/poor lighting effectively.  If you are a photographer, you know that shooting in bright sun can be a challenge.  Plus, to make it even more interesting, we… Read more »

This IS After Dark EDU

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to travel to St. Louis, Missouri to participate in a one-of-a-kind educational event called, “After Dark Education.”  This photography workshop event is very hands-on.  I came home with new techniques to try and new products to buy!  Actually, I bought over $3000 worth of new equipment back in… Read more »