This IS After Dark EDU

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to travel to St. Louis, Missouri to participate in a one-of-a-kind educational event called, “After Dark Education.”  This photography workshop event is very hands-on.  I came home with new techniques to try and new products to buy!  Actually, I bought over $3000 worth of new equipment back in my hotel room after attending the first day’s workshops.

I stayed at the gorgeous Union Station Doubletree hotel.  All of these images were taken in or around the hotel.

This is a pretty typical class.  Check out the small class size!!  We had full access to the mentors, which I loved.  The man in the middle of this image, with the model, is Neil van Niekerk.  He taught how to use an off-camera video light to get moody, gorgeous lighting.

And, this is my resulting image.  Wow!!

The class moved around quite a bit.  In this image, the model is on the piano with 2 video lights on her; one to light her hair from behind, and one to give her face light.

This is a class on creativity.  Here is the “behind-the-scenes.”

And, this is my resulting image:

Pretty amazing, right?  I have more to share (but it’s late).  So, if you want to see more, check back tomorrow.  🙂