Fabulous Thomas and Jessica are ENGAGED!!

Tom and Jessica’s engagement shoot was this past Tuesday, when the weather forecast was for severe thunderstorms.  Undaunted, they met us at Lockport’s Spring Lake Winery.  (About 15 minutes after we finished, the skies opened up and we had the expected rain, WHEW!)

This is actually the last shot from the session, but I’m putting it first so you can see their beautiful faces first.

Don’t they look relaxed and in love?  (This is just moments before a big, black snake came out to say, “HI, want a picture of ME??!”)  

They’re awesome sports, though.  They ignored the snake to go sit out on this dock and get some more great images.

Although it’s spring and the grape leaves are just budding, a visit to a winery wouldn’t be complete without some images in the rows of grapevines.

The outside walls of the winery are made of this blush stone, which just so happened to match Tom and Jessica’s clothing perfectly.  😉

Whenever there is a stormy day, we watch the sky for shots like this:

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