Michael and Sarah = WED!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013.  Gorgeous day, beautiful couple.  Infant of Prague Church and Lafayette Hotel.

We are so blessed.  We get to go behind-the-scenes into the lives of some of the most amazing people.  Several times talking with Sarah, she pointed out that she had a very small family and Mike had a big, Italian family.  What Sarah lacks in blood relatives, she more than makes up for in beautiful friendships.  We had the privilege of peeking into this couples’ lives this past Saturday.

They’ve started their own little family, with their adorable baby girl, Isabelle.

Prepped and ready, Sarah walks downstairs.

Bravely, they had multiple children in their wedding.  Here, a ring bearer gets a pep talk from Mom.

This image captures exactly why I love working with my husband.  At first, when Sarah and her Dad came out, ready to walk  down the aisle, emotions were tight.  But, in this instant, something broke loose!!  And, Kevin captured it at the exact height of emotion.  LOVE IT!!

Sarah is FUN!  Again, walking back down the aisle with her new husband and their daughter, she broke into laughter.  I am inspired by her laugh.  It makes me question if life is really as serious as I sometimes think.

Sarah, you make me want to belly laugh more.  I pray you always keep that smile at-the-ready.  🙂

Toast on the limo by the best man (groom’s father).  As an aside, how cool is it when the groom is so close to his dad that they share these roles?!!

Lovely ladies showing off their POCKETS!  You wouldn’t believe how much stuff they could keep in these dress pockets!

The groom, sprucing up before the reception.

Last minute makeup-check.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a “Sarah sandwich.”  Guess what her maid of honor’s name is.  😉  And, don’t let looks fool you.  I’m sure Mike enjoyed . . . it just a little.

Laughter during the best man’s speech.

Dance fever!

The littlest dancer is ready for bed.

But, Sarah isn’t!!  Party!

We slipped out to take some images from unusual vantage points.  I’m so glad we did!!

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