After Dark, continued :)

Yesterday I posted about some of the awesomeness of After Dark.  Today, I’m back to share more!!

This image is from a class on how to use poor locations/poor lighting effectively.  If you are a photographer, you know that shooting in bright sun can be a challenge.  Plus, to make it even more interesting, we went in the middle of the road for this one.  Kevin Focht, the mentor, is lying on his back to get beautiful light reflected up into the model’s face from the street.  I saw his resulting image on the back of his camera and it was gorgeous!!

Bert Behnke, the mentor at this next class, can pose a family beautifully in less time than it takes to  sneeze.  He is standing to the left of the frame, facing the class.  This class was on posing and lighting families.  It was the largest class I attended.  I’ve already used some of the lessons he taught when I photographed a family last Saturday.  🙂

I’ve been to other photography conferences/conventions before.  But, never one as hands-on and comprehensive as After Dark.  I will ABSOLUTELY go again!  And this time I plan to take Kevin with me.  🙂

Tomorrow, if I can work up the courage, I plan to show you the reason real models get paid (and why I’m not one of them.)  Come check it out!