Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Tiffany Rukavina: at St. Margaret’s Church and Kotecki’s Grandview Grove

When you’re “inside” weddings as much as we are, you notice things.

Like, the importance of choosing a supportive (and fun) bridal party.
And, how staying flexible can make or break your day.
And, the difference a loving family makes.

HUGE, HUGE things that come in such ordinary little packages, they may just go unnoticed.  BUT, when you’ve seen the difference, these things are extremely noticed and blessed.

Joe and Tiffany had it all.  Supportive bridal party – check.  Flexibility – check.  Loving families – check.

As a result, their day was, fun, loving, and in spite of a few minor “imperfections,” extremely memorable!

A peek of them at the altar:

After the ceremony, leaving St. Margaret’s:

 This is the aforementioned awesome bridal party:

Just Joe and Tiffany at The Albright Knox.

 O.K., I staged this.  But, the guys rocked it.  Bling admiration galore:

 We went beside this multi-colored piece of art for something a little different at Albright Knox.

This is one of those “pictures worth a thousand words.”  I KNOW you can guess what she’s telling him here.  😉

I liked this view of their first dance.  In front of the DJ at Kotecki’s, is a mirrored wall.  I decided to think of it as an asset instead of a liability.  What do you think?

Same wall of mirrors, bride with her father:

Joe and Tiffany LOVE to dance:

 Check out what Joe did to unsuspecting Tiffany.  Garter removal starts normal enough:

But, he pulled out this giant pair of underwear instead of her garter:

On to the limbo:

Whew!  What a party!

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