Month: May 2016

Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Tarbox!

Some days I can’t believe I get to live THIS life!  Ken and Laura are wonderful examples of why we do what we do.  They’re sweet, adorably in love, and two of the most thoughtful people you’ll ever meet. Their wedding was at this really beautiful backyard with water and sky-high pine trees. She owns… Read more »

Mr. and Mrs. Dillsworth: Tony and Ariana are married at St. Anthony of Padera Church and The Columns Banquets

This uber-sweet couple was married at the end of April in Buffalo, NY.  Their 1000 kilowatt smiles were shining from morning till night, pulling everyone around them into their happiness. Ariana with her mom during preparation: Stunning on the way to the church: Tony, every bit the dapper groom: Arriving at the church: Ariana being… Read more »