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Nick + Amanda = Engaged!

We met this beautiful (and fun!) couple in Gasport for this stunning engagement shoot. We’ll start with some beautiful: And then on to some fun: Nick and Amanda, Kevin and I are thrilled to be photographing your wedding!!  Thank you for a fun afternoon.  🙂

Karl + Lindsay = Engaged!

As I look out my window right now, it is snowing.  BUT!  This past Saturday was a gorgeous day when we had the opportunity to photograph this couple. Lindsay and her family are good friends of ours, so we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph her wedding! Karl and Lindsay met us in Gasport… Read more »

Gabe and Jenna in the apple orchard ~Engaged~

We spent this past Saturday afternoon with Gabe and Jenna, a couple we love already!! We had just received a bunch of snow, so we hiked out to her family’s orchard for our farm-themed shoot. We started in a barn, with a bale of straw and her adorable son. Then we gave our shortest member… Read more »

Matt + Amber = Engaged!!

I cannot imagine a “job” that I would enjoy more than what we do.  But there are times that we enjoy it more than others.  This is one of those times. Because:1. The groom-to-be, Matt, is Kevin’s cousin.  And, he’s an awesome guy.  (Love you, Matt!!)2. They’re one of those achingly-in-love-beautiful couples.  Really.  I’ll comment… Read more »

Meet Nick and Laura = Engaged!!

Nick and Laura met us at Akron Park in the middle of October for their engagement session.  Meet this adorable couple with their adorable dog! We began with a hike down to this old rock building. Behind it is the lake, which made for a beautiful watercolor backdrop. Isn’t she lovely? And, their session wouldn’t… Read more »

Tyler + Jamie = Engaged!!

Meet my cousin, Tyler, and his fiancé, Jamie.  We went to Michigan this past weekend and were able to photograph this beautiful couple on my grandparents’ farm.  What a treat for me! “Sneaking” into the corn: Then, their silhouette in the rye: Hand in hand down a little lane: In front of a stand of… Read more »

Bill + Christie = Engaged!

Last night, just before a downpour came to our area, Kevin and I met Bill and Christie for their engagement session in Akron Park.  I’m so glad we did!!  Bill and Christie are gorgeous people.  And, they’re brave too.  Bill and I were both stalking the weather radar to see if we could make this… Read more »

Eric and Alissa = Engaged!!!

In a world of curve balls and fast pitches, every once in a while, you’re thrown a soft ball.  This past week, Eric and Alissa threw us that soft ball when they showed up looking amazing with smiles that knocked our socks off. We met at Mississippi Mudds in Tonawanda for this fun engagement session…. Read more »

Shane and Sarah = Engaged!!

Kevin and I met Shane and Sarah at Akron Park for their engagement shoot.  This is the type of couple that we would love to get together with even without cameras!  We spent as much time talking as we did photographing.  We’re always amazed at the great people we meet through photography!! We photograph in… Read more »

Buffalo and buffaloes with Jonathan and Charlene

Jonathan and Charlene will be getting married next spring.  They called us from “The City.”  (cultural aside: In most of New York state, we call New York city simply “The City.”  It seems to clarify things when we’re differentiating between the state and the city.) Anyhoo, Jonathan is from “The City” while Charlene is a… Read more »