Eric and Alissa = Engaged!!!

In a world of curve balls and fast pitches, every once in a while, you’re thrown a soft ball.  This past week, Eric and Alissa threw us that soft ball when they showed up looking amazing with smiles that knocked our socks off.

We met at Mississippi Mudds in Tonawanda for this fun engagement session.

This was how we started off.  Sunlight glinting off the water, silhouette style.

I asked him to give her a squeeze, and got this reaction.  Love it!

Smiles at the ready!

Cue the geese!

Secret: Buffalo has some beautiful park bathrooms.  That’s what they’re standing in front of here.

LOVE those real reactions!

This is his reaction when she whispered in his ear.

And, this is her reaction when he whispered in her ear!  So much fun!

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