Gabe and Jenna in the apple orchard ~Engaged~

We spent this past Saturday afternoon with Gabe and Jenna, a couple we love already!!

We had just received a bunch of snow, so we hiked out to her family’s orchard for our farm-themed shoot.

We started in a barn, with a bale of straw and her adorable son.

Then we gave our shortest member a break.  🙂
Couple time!

Over the river and through the woods, we trekked to the orchard.  I just love these!!

This. One.  Mmmm hmmmm.         She’s protected.  And loved.  And cherished.

Beneath the brawn and beauty, they are a spontaneous, fun couple at heart.  Their smiles are never far away.  🙂


And, they finished it off with snow angels (Jenna) and a snowball fight (Gabe)!!

This is going to be one fun wedding!!  Yay, Gabe and Jenna!!  (and us!)