Buffalo and buffaloes with Jonathan and Charlene

Jonathan and Charlene will be getting married next spring.  They called us from “The City.”  (cultural aside: In most of New York state, we call New York city simply “The City.”  It seems to clarify things when we’re differentiating between the state and the city.)

Anyhoo, Jonathan is from “The City” while Charlene is a native of Buffalo.  Their one big request for their engagement shoot was to take a picture with a buffalo statue.  All over Buffalo we have statues from the “Herd about Buffalo” project done years ago.  We went to St. Mary’s School for the Deaf to start our session with our chosen statue.

Then, we went to the Albright Knox art museum.

This is one SWEET couple!!  They must have asked us three times if we’d like to come back to her sister’s bridal shower for some cake and something to drink!  We passed, but LOVED their attitude of hospitality.  

Jonathan and Charlene, we hope you love your images!!  -Kevin and Jennifer