Tyler + Jamie = Engaged!!

Meet my cousin, Tyler, and his fiancé, Jamie.  We went to Michigan this past weekend and were able to photograph this beautiful couple on my grandparents’ farm.  What a treat for me!

“Sneaking” into the corn:

Then, their silhouette in the rye:

Hand in hand down a little lane:

In front of a stand of White Birch trees and these little berries:

Snuggled in front of a hay bale:

And, last, but certainly not least: this one has a story.
Tyler had just washed his truck.  But, then we had to travel to “the back forty” for their engagement session and it messed up his clean truck.  When we came back, Jamie wrote her name in the dust on his tailgate.  His response was a little different than mine.  😉
So, I’ll just share mine, “Oh! Awesome!  Write “and Tyler” and we’ll get a great shot.”

I pretty much dig the result.

What do you think?