Soon to be wed: Brent and Jennifer!

Meet Brent and Jennifer.  Their wedding is coming up quickly!  (Yahoo!)  We went to Olcott, NY for some fun engagement pictures. We started out with a stroll with their Beagles.   Love the intimacy of this portrait (and how it shows off her ring!) One of my favorites! Enjoying that beach sunset! Thank you, Brent… Read more »

Patrick and Brittany: “She said YES!”

We took Patrick and Brittany’s pics on one of the hottest days of the year!  For this, we went for a walk in the woods.  Enjoy! I was loving the light under this huge oak tree.  They’re actually sitting on a limb that fell from it. A snuggle leaning on the oak. Patrick, getting center… Read more »

Ava with Mommy and Daddy

When Kristine contacted me about photographing her six-month-old baby and her husband, home from Afghanistan on R&R, I was honored.  Michael hadn’t seen his daughter since just after her birth.  He was home for only 2 weeks, and then had to return.  Professional photographs of her daughter and her husband were very important to her…. Read more »

Engagement photo session down on the farm: Jimmy and Jessica

Jimmy and Jessica are getting married in August.  They both work at Jessica’s family’s farm, located just a couple of miles from my home.  They milk thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of dairy cows.  Jessica used to take dairy cows to the local fair, so we started out with her old show cows.    Then we went… Read more »

A Sunshine Wedding: Bo and Danielle :)

One of my favorite words in the english language is this couples’ last name: Sunshine.  In fact, after this wedding, I was trying to come up with new names for Jennifer Allis Photography (Sunshine Images?).  Well, for now it will remain as it is.  But, I was inspired.  Bo and Danielle had a glorious afternoon… Read more »

Jamaal and Vanessa!

I was sooo excited to get a call from Vanessa, about her upcoming wedding.  I had a blast photographing her brother, Jacob’s, wedding this January!  In fact, as Kevin and I drove home from that amazing event, I told him that I would looooove to do more weddings with their family and friends.  So, when… Read more »

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Gordy Hermanson!!

This past weekend, Gordy and Melissa got married!!  They are even now on their honeymoon (good for them!!) She was ready! And, for being an auto-mechanic, I’d say his hands cleaned up pretty well!  (one of Melissa’s wishes-fulfilled 🙂 Her entrance was one of those emotionally-charged times.  Tears abounded! For the bridal party photos, we… Read more »

Sweet Audrey and Nick!

Audrey and Nick will soon be wed.  But, beforehand, we had to get some really great engagement shots.  To make these images we spent a couple of hours at Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, NY.  Enjoy! I’m starting out with a bang, because, well, I can!  🙂  Truly, if you had seen where we were… Read more »

David and Lindsay – AWWWWWW!

Allow me to introduce you to the pinkest-loving bride around!  This is Lindsay.  When we first met, I asked what style/theme her wedding was going to be.  Her answer, “Is PINK a style?!”  I love it! Her dress was amazing!!  (And, I loved the full-length mirrors in her parents’ upstairs rooms!) This image is a… Read more »

Dave and Angie’s Jamaican Wedding!! Yeah, Mon!

Kevin and I were so blessed to be able to travel to Jamaica last week for a wedding in paradise.  🙂   Dave and Angie started the week out in style: with an invitation to join the Sandals version of “The Newlywed Game.”  (They came in second – Congratulations!!) (Sneaking in a pic of me and… Read more »