A Sunshine Wedding: Bo and Danielle :)

One of my favorite words in the english language is this couples’ last name: Sunshine.  In fact, after this wedding, I was trying to come up with new names for Jennifer Allis Photography (Sunshine Images?).  Well, for now it will remain as it is.  But, I was inspired.  Bo and Danielle had a glorious afternoon for their  wedding.
Danielle was lovely.
Kevin got this image.  The groom, followed by the Dads, followed by groomsmen.  Love it!!
Kevin got this, too!   He was camped in the balcony and got the ring, j . u . s . . . t about on her finger!
Again, Kevin’s: Yep, he’s starting to show me up (and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!)
We had time to stop at their house for a toast.
Kevin loves to get these side pics while I’m getting the formals.  I love the angle.
I loved this bridal party!  They were ALL siblings of either the bride or groom.  So, they had this great camaraderie.  Very fun group!
We went out on the golf course for a few minutes with the bride and groom.
Shots like this:
and, this:
I loved this cuddly shot with Grandma and Grandpa!
Kevin climbed a staircase just in time to get this shot of the toast.
Three generations of Sunshines form “The Sunshine Band.”  And, they rocked!
The bride and groom were lifted up on chairs!  Jewish ceremony!
Bo and Danielle, Thank you for trusting Craig and Carrie’s recommendation and allowing us to photograph your wedding!