Engagement photo session down on the farm: Jimmy and Jessica

Jimmy and Jessica are getting married in August.  They both work at Jessica’s family’s farm, located just a couple of miles from my home.  They milk thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of dairy cows.  Jessica used to take dairy cows to the local fair, so we started out with her old show cows.
Then we went in the corn field.  That’s a dairy barn in the background.

A little stroll through the dairy barn.  (SEE how many there are?  And, this is only one of the barns!)
Jimmy indulged Jess with the cows, but his thing is really the tractors.  (This is subtly noticed by the milk cans they’re sitting on 😉
I am in love with Jessica’s hair.  Look at it!  Red, wavy, beautiful.
Then we moved on to the tractor side of the farm. 
See those grain bins in the photo above?  This is Jimmy and Jessica climbing one.  They’re HUGE!
While coming down, Jimmy said, “You should go up there and get a picture!  The view is great.”  So, I did!
Jess’s ring on a stalk of wheat.
There they are, in the tractor, with their dog, Dory.  🙂
We’re outside of the same tractor for this last shot.
This session was awesome!  A little trip back to my roots.  🙂