David and Lindsay – AWWWWWW!

Allow me to introduce you to the pinkest-loving bride around!  This is Lindsay.  When we first met, I asked what style/theme her wedding was going to be.  Her answer, “Is PINK a style?!”  I love it!
Her dress was amazing!!  (And, I loved the full-length mirrors in her parents’ upstairs rooms!)
This image is a prize to me.  As I was framing this shot, her mom started to tear up.  You can see Lindsay fighting tears in the mirror.
 This is Dad seeing her all done up.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room during this hug.
I was thrilled to see the quartet they had at the church!  (Did you know I play the cello?  -the largest instrument in the photo)
This church is amazing.  Beautiful coming . . .
And, going.
Afterward, we headed off to city hall for some really beautiful group shots!  This is my view . . .
And, this was Kevin’s!  Isn’t she cute??!
The girls
And, the guys
The gorgeous couple
All that, and they can dance, too!!
A beautiful, elegant, PINK wedding!!  Congratulations, David and Lindsay!  We were blessed to be a part of your day!  🙂