Jamaal and Vanessa!

I was sooo excited to get a call from Vanessa, about her upcoming wedding.  I had a blast photographing her brother, Jacob’s, wedding this January!  In fact, as Kevin and I drove home from that amazing event, I told him that I would looooove to do more weddings with their family and friends.  So, when Vanessa called, I about jumped at the opportunity to do her photography, too.  I think you’ll see why when you check out some of these images.
They came up to get photographed in my “backyard”.  These are right along the Erie Canal.  I love the way he looks at her.  🙂
Really, Jamaal did half of my work.  I was just snapping away as he got these kinds of reactions from Vanessa.  (Thanks, Jamaal!)
Next we went to the railroad tracks.  Fun!
They are a beautiful couple!
They changed and then we went to the crumbling old mill behind my house.
Being the gentleman that he is, he carried her shoes.  *sigh*
And, of course we had to show off her bling!
Jamaal and Vanessa, THANK YOU for choosing me to do your photography!!