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These are a Few of My Favorite Things . . .

I went on a little photo walk around my home, with the intent of capturing images of a few of my favorite things to share with you all.  I know some photographers post galleries of their favorite things and usually include things like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, their favorite car, their pet, etc. Mine will probably… Read more »

17 seconds . . .

I was just looking through our images from this Saturday’s wedding and came across a series that I needed to share. We love the emotion surrounding weddings.  It truly runs the gamut.  And, for that one day, at least, emotions are raw. Check out this grouping of four images made soon after the bride and… Read more »

Jennifer Allis Photography + BASEBALL!!!

It’s a Saturday afternoon in May and we don’t have a wedding. What to do? BASEBALL!! Kevin and I have three awesome children, ages 13, 11, and 9.  Our youngest is currently playing in his fourth year of baseball.  I love him.  I love baseball.  I love watching him play baseball! And, this year, for… Read more »

Why models?

On my recent trip to St. Louis to attend an After Dark EDU event, I had the amazing opportunity to work with models. It kind of felt like cheating.  In a good way. They moved, pouted, smiled, and posed without much direction at all.  It was a new experience for me. Here is an example:… Read more »

After Dark, continued :)

Yesterday I posted about some of the awesomeness of After Dark.  Today, I’m back to share more!! This image is from a class on how to use poor locations/poor lighting effectively.  If you are a photographer, you know that shooting in bright sun can be a challenge.  Plus, to make it even more interesting, we… Read more »

The Cost of Wedding Photography

When Kevin and I got married, we were not photographers.  We paid $500 for 200 prints in a slip-in album and our negatives.  We don’t love our photos.  In fact, we don’t have a single one on display anywhere.  And, the only person who ever asks to see our album is our 10-year-old daughter.  🙁… Read more »


We love Renaissance Albums for our wedding albums! This is our “Fine Art” album.  The material, color, and cover style are all customizable.  This one has an ivory silk brocade cover with 3 windows in the front:  This is our “Reflections” album.  It features front and back photo covers and seamless panoramic pages: These are… Read more »

Tis the Season

This is my season of “Meet and Greet.”  Truthfully, I love it.  I get to meet new people and share with them my passion for photography.  (Two of my favorite things!) Here’s how it goes: 1. I get a phone call or email from someone who is looking for a photographer for their wedding.  They’ve… Read more »

Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets’ completely edible chocolate picture frames!!

Mary Ann Hess of Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets invited me over for tea and to photograph her beautiful chocolates.  Now, I’m a chocolate-LOVER, so in my mind, chocolate is functional, but doesn’t have to be beautiful.  When I first saw Mary Ann’s picture frames, I was amazed!  They are beautifully detailed.  EVERYTHING, including the picture, is… Read more »

For those who like to talk GEAR . . .

Toward the end of last wedding season, Kevin and I made a huge plunge from Olympus camera gear to Nikon.  We had been thinking about it, and planned to make the change when wedding season was over.  But, then, while photographing a senior in August, my bread-and-butter Olympus lens, the 12-60 f/4.0, BROKE!  This just… Read more »