17 seconds . . .

I was just looking through our images from this Saturday’s wedding and came across a series that I needed to share.

We love the emotion surrounding weddings.  It truly runs the gamut.  And, for that one day, at least, emotions are raw.

Check out this grouping of four images made soon after the bride and groom took their places at the altar.  I think you’ll see exactly what I mean.

In this image:
Bride: uncertain, shy, willing only to gaze at the hands of her beloved
Groom: “you look amazing” and “Thank you for marrying me”

In this image:
Bride: willing to chance a glance into the eyes of her groom
Groom: reserved, unsure

In this image:
I think there was a quick glance between them just before we captured this next image.  They’ve caught each other’s eye and are dealing with their own emotions.

But, oh, once the ice has broken, they are all-in.  This is the CONNECTING moment.

The amount of time elapsed from the first image in this series until the last?  17 seconds.  That’s right.  17.  Seconds.

This is beauty.  The moment these two have anticipated for days, weeks, months, maybe even years, is here.  And, in the space of 17 seconds they have made an undeniable connection that they will remember forever.  They went on to have a wonderful wedding day.  But, this was the beginning.  And, we got to be there.

Yeah, that’s why we love weddings.