Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets’ completely edible chocolate picture frames!!

Mary Ann Hess of Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets invited me over for tea and to photograph her beautiful chocolates.  Now, I’m a chocolate-LOVER, so in my mind, chocolate is functional, but doesn’t have to be beautiful.  When I first saw Mary Ann’s picture frames, I was amazed!  They are beautifully detailed.  EVERYTHING, including the picture, is edible.

Just look at this detail:

It’s so beautiful, you almost don’t want to eat it.  But, just then you think, “HELLO, it’s CHOCOLATE!”
These are 2 frames, dusted with edible “gold” and “silver.”

This is a little camera.  You can put a photo or logo in the front circle.

I just couldn’t get over the depth of detail.

And, this is a finished product.  My very own photo in a 5×7 edible picture frame, stand, and camera ornament.  (It’s sitting on my mantle.)  🙂

Mary Ann does fabulous work.  I will be offering these (she does favors, too) to my clients this year.  If you’re interested, give me a call!