Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Tarbox!

Some days I can’t believe I get to live THIS life!  Ken and Laura are wonderful examples of why we do what we do.  They’re sweet, adorably in love, and two of the most thoughtful people you’ll ever meet.

Their wedding was at this really beautiful backyard with water and sky-high pine trees.

She owns a horse, so their engagement shoot was at the barn.  They brought a little of her loves into the wedding with fun cowboy boots, jean jackets, and lots of tulle!

And, did I mention, he’s a fireman?!  His fire truck was even present at both the ceremony and the reception.

Here’s Ken, arriving in style:

Their ridiculously cute and spunky little ring bearer announced Laura’s arrival:

Sweet ceremony on the waterfront:

Leaving in style:

Resting by the water:

I just love how the jeans, hats, and tulle look with this stunning backdrop:

Beautiful Laura:

At the fire department, I recruited Ken’s brother, Kevin, (that mega-tall groomsman) to assist me here.  When he lifted the camera above his head, he must have added 4 feet to where I could reach!  ((Thanks, Kevin!!))

The two love birds:

And, then it was time to party!

Even the littlest guests had a ball!