Designed Engagement Hardcover books

Since I’ve been getting more and more potential clients who (due to distance) are unable to sit down with me before they book their date, I’ve created this post to show off the designed engagement books.  Engagement photo sessions are a really great way to give us the chance to work together before the wedding.  It always makes the wedding day smoother and more relaxed.  Plus, you get this designed coffee-table book with your favorite images in it!  I usually design them to be 8×10 books.  That means when you open it, the spread is 20×8.
Once we’ve designed it, you receive an email with the proposed layout.  This is the cover (open flat).
The following images are page spreads.
Once you receive the digital preview, you have complete freedom to make changes.  We work together to be sure that you LOVE it before it’s printed.  Production time is about 3 weeks on these books.  So, I usually like to take engagement photos at least a month before the wedding.