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Eric and Alissa = Engaged!!!

In a world of curve balls and fast pitches, every once in a while, you’re thrown a soft ball.  This past week, Eric and Alissa threw us that soft ball when they showed up looking amazing with smiles that knocked our socks off. We met at Mississippi Mudds in Tonawanda for this fun engagement session…. Read more »

Shane and Sarah = Engaged!!

Kevin and I met Shane and Sarah at Akron Park for their engagement shoot.  This is the type of couple that we would love to get together with even without cameras!  We spent as much time talking as we did photographing.  We’re always amazed at the great people we meet through photography!! We photograph in… Read more »

Buffalo and buffaloes with Jonathan and Charlene

Jonathan and Charlene will be getting married next spring.  They called us from “The City.”  (cultural aside: In most of New York state, we call New York city simply “The City.”  It seems to clarify things when we’re differentiating between the state and the city.) Anyhoo, Jonathan is from “The City” while Charlene is a… Read more »

Pat and Christine = Engaged!!

This past Friday Pat and Christine came to Gasport for their chilly engagement session (temps had dropped 30 degrees since Wednesday).  This sweet couple will be tying the knot next May. Although Christine was shivering with the cold, her man was close to keep her warm. This is right in Gasport, our hometown. Sitting on… Read more »

Fabulous Thomas and Jessica are ENGAGED!!

Tom and Jessica’s engagement shoot was this past Tuesday, when the weather forecast was for severe thunderstorms.  Undaunted, they met us at Lockport’s Spring Lake Winery.  (About 15 minutes after we finished, the skies opened up and we had the expected rain, WHEW!) This is actually the last shot from the session, but I’m putting… Read more »

Eugene + Janice = Engaged!!

Kevin and I met Eugene and Janice today for the first time – at their engagement shoot! What a sweet couple!  One of our favorite things is photographing genuine reactions.  And, that’s what we got today! See? We are really looking forward to their wedding – the day after our 16th anniversary!We’d love to hear… Read more »

Tyler + Beth = Engaged!!!

Those of you who have followed this blog for over a year may remember that we had the opportunity to travel to Michigan last summer to photograph my cousin Renee’s wedding, found here.  Beth was one of Renee’s bridesmaids, and this summer, it’s her turn! Over Easter weekend, we did Tyler and Beth’s engagement shoot…. Read more »

Jermar and Tamara = Engaged!

I met with Jermar and Tamara last Saturday for what I am now officially calling “The Last Snowy Engagement Session of 2013.”  Ahem.  Well, anyway, we were blessed with snow for this session. The first thing you notice when you meet Jermar and Tamara is their smiles.  Big, beautiful, happy smiles. See what I mean?Tell… Read more »

Joe and Tiffany = Engaged!!

Joe and Tiffany came out to Akron Park this past Saturday for one of our last snowy sessions of the year (maybe?). I was so glad to spend time with this fun-loving couple.  I always try to figure out a couples’ style on their engagement session, so that we can come prepared to their wedding…. Read more »

Dan + Nicole: Engaged!

This past Saturday, I met with Dan and Nicole for an unseasonably warm afternoon engagement session.  We walked up and down the road in front of his family dairy farm in Medina, NY to find the best locations.  The result, and some of my favorites are here: In front of the shiny John Deere: This… Read more »