Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hughes

What a fun couple!!
We loved our day with Tom and Jessie.  Jess has a disarming honesty and Tom loves her fiercely.  A combo that’s sure to spark!

We started at her dad’s home:

This was just before her dad walked her down the aisle.  (Love these private moments!)

There is NOTHING like the first time a groom sees his bride.

The ceremony was on the beautiful golf course of the Lockport Town and Country Club.

Those of you who watch this blog KNOW I was thrilled to snap the shutter on this image!!

You may kiss your WIFE!

Fabulously beautiful interaction for their couple shots:

Love the GQ/Vogue bridal party!


Their first dance as man and wife:

Heating up!

The garter placement.  Yow!

Just a beautiful, wonderful day filled with lots of good friends and family!  Tom and Jessie, we are so excited at your new life together!