Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thomson at Christ United Methodist Church and The NEW!! Hotel Lafayette

We had warm weather this past Saturday when two of the warmest families I’ve met came together through the marriage of Laura and Steve.

The lovely bride with her father:

At the altar:

Sibling time:

At Delaware Park:

We found this hammock, and it became a fun prop:

This is the exact spot where he proposed:

Dip!  At Hotel Lafayette:

Mother/Son dance:

Father/Daughter dance:

Steve and Laura did something beautiful that I hadn’t seen before.  During the Father/Daughter dance, they invited all Mothers and Sons, and all Fathers and Daughters to join them on the dance floor.  The next two images were made during that dance.

Fun on the dance floor:

If you’ve been following our blog for long, you may recognize the friend in blue.  We photographed her wedding in Binghamton almost 2 years ago.  See the blogpost here.  We LOVE connecting with past clients!!

They walked out to bubbles:

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