Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Brittanie Phillips!

Nate and Brittanie’s wedding was a showcase of everything we love about weddings: beautiful emotion, adoring couples, and families full of faith and love.  Their wedding was held at St. Christopher’s Church in Tonawanda and their reception was at the Niagara Falls Conference Center.

Let’s start out with a bang.  This is Brittanie’ father as he first sees her in her wedding dress.  Tear stream.  🙂

The flower girl and her adoring fans.  We love being able to capture this type of shot!!  It’s possible with 2 photographers.  (This one’s Kevin’s.  See me in front?)

And, this is from my vantage point.  It’s not difficult to see who’s giving her away and who’s getting her, is it?  She is one loved young woman!

Brittanie has this way of looking at Nate that must just make his toes tingle.

The new Pochatko family:

A snuggle between father and daughter:

Brittanie’s father rented a Rolls Royce for the ride to the church and to our photo location:

The newlyweds:

Brittanie and her girls!

Bridal party:

Underneath a cool sculpture at the Albright Knox art museum:

They’re a beautiful couple:


Maid of honor speech:

Their first dance as man and wife:

And the father/daughter dance brought more tears:

What a party!!

Nate removing the garter:

His toss to the anxious single guys:

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Nate and Brittanie, thank you for inviting us to your emotional-packed day!!  We are proud to have had the opportunity to photograph it for you!