Todd + Rachael: couple session at Akron Park

Did you know that Akron Park hosts numerous high school cross-country meets every fall?  Me neither, until this past Saturday.  I arrived at 10am for an engagement session,  with plans to go home before my next session, at 3pm in the same place.  When I arrived, there were kids everywhere!  Cars filled normally empty parking lots.  I was drawn to the action.  After my first session, instead of going back home, I stayed and watched races.  There is something exhilarating about watching the heart of those kids tested.  I clapped, shouted, and encouraged as they ran by, muddy and focused.  I bought a bowl of chili, a cup of hot chocolate, and some homemade banana muffins from their booth.  Now, THAT is a fall Saturday!  The final race ended at 2:45, which gave me 15 minutes to warm up and gather my thoughts for Todd and Rachael’s session.  This is the result:

What fun!!  Thanks for viewing!