Jeff + Lindsey, A Maine Wedding

I flew out to Maine last weekend for this beautiful, rustic wedding in Waterford at the Bear Mountain Inn.

The bear and moose signs are for real out here.  It just added to the aura.  🙂

Lindsey’s preparation:

Her beautiful dried flower bouquet:

The ceremony was held on a deck with this amazing view:

When someone mentioned that there was a boat available, we were on!!

After the photos outside, we went inside for the reception.  Jeff’s brother gave the toast:

Then a little cake smear:

And, this last photo was the grand prize.  We had many outtakes because the heart wasn’t right.  Or we were standing too close to the fire and the smoke was clouding our vision.  Or we were getting light leaking into the image from surrounding light sources.  Finally, after about 30 minutes and a huge group effort, WE GOT IT!  Lightpainting on the shore in Maine!!  I’m pretty sure we all agree it was worth it.  (It WAS, right, Jeff?  Lindsey?  Wesley?  Kyle?  Anyone??)

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