Brian + Laura at St. Gabriel’s and Millennium Hotel

Brian and Laura’s wedding was the day after my birthday (29th, if you must know ;).  And, what a fabulous day it was!  We had rain off and on all day.  The best part is that it was “off” during their outside photos.  Whew!!

This is one of the many beautiful details from their day – the wrap on her bouquet.  Shout out to Blossoms N Treasures for the fabulous flowers!!

The ring bearer, all ready to go.  Look at those eyes!

Here she comes:

Brian and Laura’s priest, Father Dan has a wonderfully exuberant personality!

Laura was instructed to show the congregation Brian’s ring:

We found this blessed grove of trees to keep everyone dry through the few sprinkles we had during their outside photos:

We’ve been asked to do some “fake peeing” photos before.  But, um, there is nothing fake about this one:

When we asked Laura to put on Kevin’s shoes and trek out into this muddy field with Brian, she said she should win the “Most Daring Bride” award.  So, Laura, here it is, just for you:

We were so enamored of these chair covers.  They made every chair look like a Lazy Boy.

The bridesmaids were asked to say something on Brian and Laura’s wedding video.  One of them burst into spontaneous song.  I’d LOVE to see that video!!

The bride and groom had their first dance choreographed.  It made an impression!!

Lots of dancing at this party:

Can you believe I didn’t eat A SINGLE ONE of these??!  I could almost lick my screen right now.

This is a view of the bouquet toss that we don’t normally get, but I love it!  Kevin has such a knack for catching the peak action.

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