Ava with Mommy and Daddy

When Kristine contacted me about photographing her six-month-old baby and her husband, home from Afghanistan on R&R, I was honored.  Michael hadn’t seen his daughter since just after her birth.  He was home for only 2 weeks, and then had to return.  Professional photographs of her daughter and her husband were very important to her.  My goal was to show their relationship, not just their smiles.  
When I first saw little Ava, I was taken by her beauty.  She has amazing baby blue eyes.  WOW!
With Daddy
With Mommy and Daddy
From the whole session, I think this is my favorite.  Daddy was holding her up in the air making bubble sounds with his mouth, and she was loving it!
I put their wedding rings on her toe and she was completely intrigued!  As only a baby can, she kept bending in half to suck on them.  🙂
Baby Ava, God bless YOU!!