Mr. and Mrs. Dennis married at Lancaster Country Club!!

Sometimes I publish a blog post with photos that don’t give a smattering of the couple’s entire day.  Sometimes (and this is one of those) I like to showcase something in particular.  In this case, Lance and Jessica are such lively, fun, and really incredibly happy people that I get to show them off!

On top of their complete happiness, they’re such an easy-to-pose couple!  Extremely photogenic couples like this make my task so easy!!!

And, cue the smiles!!

OK, they literally danced back down the aisle:

And, their happiness is contagious:

So, with a couple this fun-loving, their cake smash was epic!  It started like this:

And, as a grand finale – a beard smear!

On a completely different note is this sweet, sad moment.  Jessica’s father passed away last year.  And, in this photo of Lance dancing with his mom, in the background is Jess’s mom wiping her tears away.

Ah, Jess and Lance, what an amazing day you had!  I really hope you love your images!  We feel so blessed to have been the ones to capture the emotional beauty that was your day.  Thank you for the privilege!!  -Kevin and Jen