The wedding of Casey and Rob Giles

Photographing a photographer’s wedding is slightly daunting!  But, this one was fantastic and without a hitch.  Rob and Casey are a fun, relaxed couple who we had the pleasure to photograph several weeks ago.  Rob is also the second shooter for my photographer friend, Kyla of Selah Images in Rochester, NY.

Rob, looking dapper and ready:

His nephew, looking ready to be done with this tie!

His beautiful bride, Casey, preparing:

A final bit of preparation: slipping into these sweet little pink sneakers!

Rob and Casey did a “first look” at a nearby park.  It was perfect!!

And, their bridal party:

At Glendoveers for their ceremony:

I love this picture so much because this so perfectly represents who they are as a couple – happy and fun!!

I had them back into the taller grass for a photo.  I went with a wide angle:

While Kevin went with a  close up.  I couldn’t pick just one, so I included them both.  🙂

And, a final shot at the reception of the flip flop game of how well they know each other:

Rob and Casey, it was awesome!  Thank you for trusting us and I can’t wait for you to have all of your images to display!  -Kevin and Jen