Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Maron Barraclough at Gasport Covenant UCC and Samuel’s Grande Manor

Eric and Maron planned to get married this coming June.
But, plans are subject to change.  Especially when a beloved family member is faced with terminal illness.
Calls were made.  Plans were changed.

And, the end result was a New Year’s Day celebration of family and friends and love that will be remembered for years to come!

Mason’s preparation:

 A father-daughter selfie just before they enter the sanctuary:

Eric and Maron at the altar:

I just liked this perspective.  It makes you have to figure out the story of the image.  😉

They’re married!

They walked out to a shower of bird seed from guests and snow from God!

 In the garden at Samuel’s Grande Manor:

Their fist dance together as man and wife:

Her brother’s toast:

And her dance with her dad:

The party!

The schedule-shuffle was worth it!  Eric and Maron, your day was perfect.  Thank you so much for making us a part of it!  Congratulations!!