Spencer and Meridith = Married! at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo and the Niagara Falls Country Club

This wedding had it all: the fabulous couple, the grand cathedral, the professional musicians, the gorgeous country club, and the loving family.
When we photograph a wedding, we hold ourselves to pretty strict standards.  Of course, we love creating artistically.  But, really, when the guests leave, the couple is on their honeymoon, and the reception venue is cleaned, what is still to come is our version of their day.  And, while we’re putting it all together, we relive their day with each image.  In front of our computer screen, through our smiles and tears, a question enters our mind.  “Did we capture the beauty, love, and uniqueness that was THIS wedding?”  We do not present our blog, album design, or online gallery until our final images answer that question with a resounding, “YES!”
That is why, at this moment, there is a big smile on my face and an excited expectation in my heart.  Because, Spencer and Meridith, all of this is for you.  You put together the perfect day, and now I present a few of our favorite images of it.  Please enjoy them!  
See the flower girl, watching how this is done?

The radiant bride:

I love this series of Meridith on her daddy’s arm.  From the entrance of the church:

Almost there:

Teary eyes, all on the bride:

At the altar:

First kiss:

Man and wife:

In front of the church:


A dip on the dance floor:

In daddy’s arms:


It was just beautiful and fabulous.  Thank you for trusting us with these precious memories!