I witnessed a proposal tonight! And here are my favorite images from it!

I’ve said it before.  I’ll say it again.  I love this family!  We have photographed the weddings of most of the friends and family of this couple and every time it’s an honor.
So when Joe called last week and asked if we could photograph his proposal to his girlfriend we jumped!
Absolutely.  Yes.  When?
Today was the day!  And it was beautiful!

Here’s the setup:
I arrived minutes after Kari came home from work.  The story Joe sprung on her as she walked in was that someone in his family arranged for me to come take photos of them with their new house.  So, hurry up and change!  She came down and we proceeded to take some photos of them with their house.  Then, I moved them to a little woodsy area that I thought would be perfect for the proposal.  After taking a few there, I lamented that I hadn’t brought any props.  I said we could have made it look very “autumn” with some apples from Joe’s family’s orchards.  JOE TO THE RESCUE!  He said, “I think I have something.  Let me go get it.”

And, he came back with this sign.  He carried it over with the back facing Kari, so she didn’t really see it.  You can see him here thinking, “Did she see it?  Does she get it?”

The answer was, “NO.”  So, he turned it around to show her.  She said, “awwwww.”  Still not getting it!

So, Joe broke out the ring box.  And, EVERY GIRL knows what that means!

He said a few very beautiful and sweet words about how much she means to him.  And asked her to marry him.  YES!!

Then she said, “Put it on me!”  He was all too happy to oblige.

It’s starting to sink in:

And, then, with the sign, again.  But, this time, the smiles come from the inside out.

I smiled the Whole. Way. Home.  What an honor to witness and record this treasured event!