Gabe and Jenna Bruning = Married!!

We became intrigued by Gabe several years ago as we photographed the reception of one of his friends’ weddings.  On a dance floor, this guy stands out.  He can DANCE!  Like ballroom style, super suave, beautiful to watch kind of dance.  Plus he and his brother were wearing polyester suits (one of them was powder blue, although my memory is a little rusty as to which one).  So, yes, Gabe is definitely someone we noticed.  And, this year, it was his turn!  When he and his beautiful bride, Jenna, came to us to discuss their wedding photography, we were thrilled!  They’re beautiful, they’re fun, and give them room on the dance floor!

Jenna’s preparation:

And a visit by her little man:

At the altar:

Isn’t she lovely?


The little man, himself, playing in the aisles of chairs.  I could eat him up.  Check out those little boy skinned knees!

Gabe’s one request was a photo by his tractor.  So, here are the fellas:

And, Jenna wanted one with her horse.  (Of course, we were eating this up!!  A farm!  A hay loft!  A horse!  A tractor!  YEAH!!)

Truly a dream to photograph.

Inside their beautiful old barn:

I am head over heels for this one:

 Just chillin’

 Did I mention they can dance?  Yeah.  They can.  And they did!

This was too cute not to post.  The dj was actually set up in the loft of this redecorated horse barn.  In order to make it easier (and cuter) for guests to make requests, they set up this pulley.  Love it!

Jenna with her dad:

And Gabe with his mom:

Gabe and Jenna, what a dream you were to photograph!!  Thank you for including us in the fun!