A wedding at Fox Valley and Our Lady Victory – Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Tara Leon!!

Sometimes we are floored by the sweetness of our clients.
Take Tara, for instance.  When I talked to her about her wedding timeline, she was concerned that she would be keeping us too late.  She knew we have kids and wanted us to be home early for them.  I was endeared to her from that point on.  🙂  Seriously.  A bride working her timeline around the needs of our family?  Wow!  (In case you’re wondering how that worked out – we stayed until we had taken every photo we needed.  And our kids were well cared-for.  But, Tara, thank you.  For your concern and thoughtfulness.)

And then she had an amazing wedding day to boot!  A gorgeous cathedral in Buffalo, Our Lady Victory, was where their ceremony was held.  We went to Lafayette Square for photos.  And, then to Fox Valley Country Club for their reception.

All prepped and ready to go!

At the altar:

Yeah.  That kind of beautiful.  Wow!

In Buffalo.  Sweetness!

At the country club, under the willow tree:

Grand entrance!!


Their first dance as man and wife:

Tara, the dancing queen:

Beautiful, thoughtful couple having the day of their dreams.  Who could ask for more?