Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Katie Olinger!

Kevin and I were blessed years ago (thanks, Jess!) to begin photographing this group of family and friends.  We LOVE them!  Fun. Friendly. Hard-working. Open. Honest. And, they FARM to boot!

So, this past Saturday was Bob and Katie’s turn.  And we had a blast!  The entire wedding and reception took place at The White Birch golf course in Lyndonville, NY.  
They all wore cool cowboy boots.  Insert flowers.  And, ta-dah!  Love it!

Here she comes!

I joked afterward that their wedding was mostly laughter.  It was an awesome environment to be in!

Under beautiful blue skies.

We had just to roam the golf course for some beautiful settings for their couple pictures.

Isn’t she fun??!

This may be my personal favorite.

Wedding party!!

Getting the job done!

Really, as a photographer, what more could you want?

This one comes with a confession.  They had these adorable little jars of jam as favors.  Complete with the sweet “spread the love” label, they were irresistible. 
And, well, I didn’t.  Resist, that is.  We had 3 empty seats at our table.  So, I took their jam home.  Our kids were thrilled and called it “delicious.”  Whew.  I said it.  I feel so much better.  😉  

And, the night just kept getting better!

Bouquet toss!

Just a really fun time with some people we hope to see again very soon!  Thanks, Katie and Bob for trusting us with your memories!  This is just the beginning!