Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Dadd!

This wedding is the start of our “official” wedding season.  And, Megan and Hayden started it out with a bang!

Truly, if this wedding is an indicator of our season, this one is going to ROCK!

Sweet  Loving. Generous.  It seemed like Megan and Hayden had less of a guest list and more of a fan club.  🙂

On the way to the limo:

Last minute adjustments:

Dad and Megan at the altar:

The church had this beautiful baptismal that looked like an infinity pool.  I thing the guests around me were wondering why I kept taking pictures of it, but I couldn’t get enough!

Intense relief and joy right here!

The reception was at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester.  I loved this avenue of trees for bridal party photos!

And then we broke out the fish-eye for photos on the (in-real-life-not-even-a-little-bit-curvy) steps.

And she had this amazingly long veil.  (Side note: long veils rock!)

This was pretty cool.  In the gallery, I walked by a piece of seemingly shapeless art made of spools of sewing thread.  Whatever.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?  But then, I was given this little stick with a piece of round glass on the end to look through.  And, HELLO!  It was the American Gothic couple upside down in thread spools.  The glass circle made everything look right side up.  So cool!! So, this is Hayden and Megan in front of that piece of art.  (That I ended up seeing the beauty in, after all).

The new couple in the gallery:

Coming in to their reception:

 First dance as man and wife:

Megan is one of those brides that keeps us on our toes following her around.  Dance queen!!

Victory!  Um, right, Hayden?  Lol

Yeah, so Kevin and I are thinking, “Megan and Hayden got the ball rolling for an amazing wedding season.  Let’s keep it going!!”