The wedding of Nick and Kaila DeCaro at Hope Lutheran Church and Rochester Airport Marriott

As I watched Kaila walk down the aisle to join her intended at the altar, I kept peeking at Nick’s face.  It was a magical mixture of pride, love, and amazement.
And such began an unforgettable day.  Nick and Kaila are adorably in love and utterly thrilled to begin their new life together.  We enjoyed their day almost as much as they did!

Here is the bride, exiting her hotel room to go to the ceremony:

At the altar:

We found a sweet spot with amazing light for their bridal party pictures:

Just hangin’  😉

The looks that pass between these two can make your knees weak.

First dance as man and wife:

Kevin noticed these signs on the back of their chairs at the reception and wanted this shot:

The groom with his mom:

This couple has been married 55 years, which is exactly what they’re showing with their hands!!  (and they still flirt)!

This was a first for us!  The dj set up the typical put-the-garter-on-the-girl-who-caught-the-bouquet but with a HUGE twist.  The guy who caught the garter was blindfolded and the girl (seen to the far left) vacated her seat.  Then, this groomsman came in and sat down.  The “Ewwwwww” body language you see on the unsuspecting blindfolded guy was captured right after he felt the hairy leg of the seated groomsman.  You can see the hilarious reaction of the guests!

We loved spending our day with this warm, loving family.  Nick and Kaila, thank you so much for trusting us with your memories!!