WOW! Introducing Daniel and Nicole Zeiner – Married!!

Dan and Nicole are one couple who makes us LOVE what we do!!  When we met back in July for their engagement session, we knew their wedding was going to be something special!  A little background: Dan is from Ohio and Nicole is from Ontario (that’s in Canada, eh?).  And, get this: they met ON A CRUISE.  Serious recipe for romance right there.  Since they disembarked the cruise, they have romanced long-distance.  They met often in the greater Buffalo/Niagara Falls area, as it was a halfway point.  They got engaged in Niagara Falls (another big point for romance!) on Valentine’s Day (are you CATCHING this?).

And, so they met in Buffalo to tie the knot this past Saturday.  This is one of the SWEETEST couples we have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Case in point: during the day/evening of their wedding, they checked on US several times to make sure we were doing o.k.  We were more than o.k. We had a blast!

The entire event was held at Brierwood Country Club in Hamburg, NY.

Inside their beautiful facility, where the ceremony was held:

The happy newlyweds:

It was raining all day.  But, so what?  We still took advantage of what light we could for some really fun images!

Pretty gorgeous, huh?

I love fun accents like red shoes under a white dress!

 Her, catching Dan’s eye during her dad’s speech:

This is where I interject that the Canadians know what they’re doing in the speeches department!  This is her brother, Derek, who was the emcee for the evening (Canadian custom – LOVE it!).  Throughout dinner, different people came up to take the mike and toast the bride and groom.  From a guest’s point of view, this adds so much emotion and “glue” to the union.  We walked away thinking, “Wow, what an amazing support group they have.  They’re destined for a great marriage!”

A very “Hollywood” first dance pic:

And, a fun one:

The dancing continued:

This photo was not. even. staged!  The boy in purple picked up his brother (his mom wanted a pic of them dancing together) and then, during editing, I noticed the lady on the left reacting to them.  🙂

Dan and Nicole, thank you so much for trusting us with your day!  You made it so easy and fun to hang with you!  We hope you love your images!!