Nick + Mackenzie = MARRIED!!

This couple came to us by referral from her sister, whose wedding we photographed last summer.  Busy family!!
Nick is in the Navy, and we have this awesome Naval Park in Buffalo where we went to take some photos in between the ceremony and reception.

The guys in front of the church and the sweet Rolls Royce Nick and Mackenzie were in as they left the ceremony.

BONUS!!  😉  This is me and Mackenzie’s dad.  After spending a wedding with them last summer, it felt like chilling with family again for this wedding.

The couple in the bumper of their Rolls, in front of the Albright Knox:

The beautiful ladies:

Nick and Mackenzie:

This is one of my favorites:


Yep, they did.  Reenacted the Titanic pose on the front of a ship at the Buffalo Naval Park, that is.

The whole gang on the ship:

They had this amazing ice sculpture at their cocktail hour at the Niagara Falls Convention Center:

Mackenzie’s parents on the dance floor:

This is when awesome meets the dance floor.  Kevin is never content to recreate last week’s shots.  So, he tried a new technique here.  I think it’s FAB. U. LOUS!

They pretty much rocked the dance floor all night!

Very fun, very special day!!  Thank you, Nick and Mackenzie for trusting us to capture this day for you!