Eugene + Janice Peterson’s wedding at Elba Baptist Church and Pearl Street

When we talk about booking our “ideal” clients, people like Eugene and Janice instantly come to mind.  They are fun, sweet, and giving.  They loved our work as soon as they came across it.  And, they went out of their way to make our time at their wedding memorable.  (See our Facebook page to read how they honored our wedding anniversary.)

All they needed was their own wedding captured beautifully.  And, I think we nailed it!

The beautiful details of her dress and veil:

Eugene’s mom set up these two cabinets full of mementos of weddings from both sides of the family.  It was such a calming display to have in the bridal suite of the church.  Here is Janice, showing her flower girl a cherished photo.

Becoming man and wife:

Their exit to bubbles:

When we arrived at the Buffalo History Museum for photos, the place was packed with other wedding parties.  We chose and out of the way spot and took some of the bridal party.

When the way was clear, we went up by the pillars for some essential shots:

Then, we went to downtown Buffalo (that’s city hall in the background) for what turned out to be my favorite shots of the day:

This series is about 8 images in all.  Here are a few of my favorites, taken right on the street in Buffalo.

Their entrance to Pearl Street:

First dance:

Eugene with his mom.  I love the light!

And then it was parrrrtaaaaayy time!!

What a wonderful day!!  Please leave us comments, either below or on Facebook.  Thanks!!