Mr. and Mrs. Tyler and Bethany Fivecoat!

This past weekend, we traveled to Michigan for my cousin, Beth’s, wedding.  What an absolutely beautiful day full of precious memories and well-thought-out details!  I even took the opportunity to set my cameral down and dance like a fool until they closed up shop!

The wedding, itself, was held in the woods at Cranhill Ranch in Rodney, Michigan.  Guests sat on benches and witnessed Tyler and Beth’s vows.  Then, guests traveled to Beth’s parents’ house for the reception, where an old barn had been renovated into an amazing display in shabby chic style.

Tyler and Beth chose to do a “First Look.”  This is where the bride and groom see each other for the first time alone, before the ceremony.  I LOVE THIS!!  It was an emotional meeting for both of them.  The expressions and emotions captured here can not be duplicated.

Let’s dive in!

First of all, a warning: these two can’t take a bad picture.

Excitement, anticipation, and love bubbled up in Tyler as Beth was walking out to meet him for his first look.

As I was looking through these, the looks on their faces arrested me.  Such love and vulnerability is rare to display.  And, I thought, when times get tough, they need to look back at these images.  They need to read the love in each others’ faces and find their way back to that place.

Whew.  OK.  Enough preaching, Jen, get on with it!

Then, we took a few minutes to get some more fun images of just the two of them.

Gorgeous Beth:

Her handsome husband, Tyler:

For this image, we stepped into the barn/reception hall.  The mirror behind them is on top of an antique buffet where the cakes were displayed.  Such gorgeous details!

This truck belongs to our cousin, Renee’s, father in law.  We WORKED it for group shots!

Tyler and the ring bearer showing off their funky socks:

Beth’s dad walking her up the aisle.  I love this image Kevin captured with “From this day forward” in the foreground.  Tells its own story.

Their amazing ceremony location, in God’s chapel:

Praying together during the ceremony:

Kevin captured this from behind the altar.  I love it!  It says a lot about who they are as individuals and as a couple.

Before we left the forest, a little fisheye love:

Their catwalk into the reception.  This used to be a cattle barn!

Here’s the buffet with their wedding cakes on it and Tyler feeding Beth her first bite of cake.

Sunset over the corn field:

They had fireworks, too.  What an amazing day!!

And, finally, their exit, under a sparkler archway!

Tell us what you think below!