Josh and Laura at Trinity Lutheran Church in Akron and Cornell Cooperative Extension in Lockport

Redheads, and horses, and cowboy boots, Oh, my!!  Just look at this!

Laura was a super-sweet bride.  Check her out, smiling even during a mad dash into the church in the rain:

There is a story in this photo.  First of all, check out these adorable flower girls!!  Of course, the guests are all rushing to get their cameras ready to take a photo of them.  Then, in the background, the reluctant little ring bearer is being coached forward by his mom.  Just behind them, the smiling bride on her father’s arm awaits her turn down the aisle.

Such a lady!  She put them there, so she picks them up!

Smiles at the altar:

 Sometimes inclement weather works to our benefit!!

I just love this one!!

She thought ahead.  Look at the bottom of her boots!!

We had a gorgeous break in the rain for some awesome photos in-between the ceremony and reception.

Each couple drove a mustang from the ceremony to the reception.

Their first dance as man and wife:

Her dance with her dad:

The groom’s dance with his mom:

Bouquet toss!!

A sundae bar ended the evening.  Huge hit!!

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