Introducing the fabulous Kevin and Katrina Makey!!

I have been waiting for this wedding for 2 years!  That is when Kevin, Katie, and Karen (wonderful past client and sister of Kevin) sat down with us to consider hiring us to photograph this wedding!!

And, this past Saturday was their day!  Their ceremony was at Church of the Nativity in Buffalo and the reception was held at Lucarellis Banquet Center in Lackawanna.

So, without further ado, their images:

Her dress:

Seems that this is an important date.  It had this on the calendar:

This photo forecasts events to come:

At the altar:

Ring exchange:

The new Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Makey!

This one is special.  The groom is a firefighter in Brighton, so we went there for some in-between photos.  I love how they blend in with the coat rack, and yet our focus goes right to them.

Check them out!

Fabulous bride and groom with the colors of fall:

A special moment – Karen (sister of the groom) had to attend solo because her husband is currently stationed overseas.  She skyped him between the ceremony and reception.  This is their reaction at seeing him:

We got a group photo, in spite of the distance.  Just the 2 couples.  🙂

Fun and (wannabe) cynics on the limo bus.  😉

Not only was this day special for Kevin and Katrina, but it was also the 87th birthday of this young man at center (her grandpa)!

First dance:

Father/daughter dance:

Mother/son dance:

Party over here!

Well, Kevin and Katrina, it was worth the wait!!  Thank you so much for having us.  We can hardly wait for you to get your album!!
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