Mike + Erika Married!! At St. Louis Roman Catholic Church and Hotel at the Lafayette

Mike and Erika’s wedding day was “expressively fun!!”  What a great day!!

The difference between the guys and the girls’ preparation time always fascinates me.  Case in point:

I just love how Erika’s veil glows around her in this image.  There was a splash of sunlight across the aisle, and Kevin took this image just as she was walking into it.

That sunlight caught my eye too, from a different angle.  I love how it’s coming in this center window and streaming down on the bride and groom here.

Signs of the times:

On the altar – the best man has a smart phone in one hand, the holy water in the other.  😉

We wanted highlight the amazing architecture with this gorgeous couple.  Ahhh, I love Buffalo!

MMmmm, hhhmmmm, this image is my jewel of the day.  Love it!

Grand entrance into the reception at the fabulously renovated Hotel Lafayette:  (An aside to brides and grooms looking for a stunning venue in Buffalo – you owe it to yourself to check this place out!)

The following 4 images are a series.
When the bride came to the dance floor with her father, she started to cry.  (Personally, I LOVE this image, by the way.)

She didn’t want to cry, though.  So, through the tears, she found her smile.

Then she enlisted that time-worn tip to stop yourself from crying – “look up.” 

It works!  You may wish to make a note-to-self.  No charge 😉  She was able to finish the entire dance tear-free.  🙂  Great job, Erika!!

This image just cracks me up.  In reality, I think Mike was trying to keep from a “cake-smash.”  But whenever I look at it, I want to ask him, “Is it really that bad?!”  See what I meant about this day being “expressively fun?!”

During the toasts:

It’s not a reception until a groomsman break-dances 80’s-style with a ring-bearer!

The FULL dance floor:

I wish you all could have been there!!  🙂  Please feel free to communicate with me on my facebook page.  See you there!!