Mike and Carolyn at Westminster Presbyterian Church and Asbury Hall in Buffalo

Mike and Carolyn were married this past Saturday in a beautiful ceremony in downtown Buffalo.

Both the bride and the groom prepared in rooms at the Hampton Inn Buffalo.  I highly recommend this newly updated hotel!!  Gorgeous.  This is Carolyn’s beautiful gown:

Sometimes, it’s the little details that make a huge impact.  When the mother of the bride showed me this hanky, I fell head-over-heels for it.  What a great way to save the memory!!

A little toast for the ladies:

Mike, the handsome groom, making his own preparations:

A kiss from Dad before he walked Carolyn down the aisle:

Check out the interior of this church!!  We constantly discover new, gorgeous, Buffalo churches.

Framing them in the arches:

They walked out to banners waving:

Isn’t she adorable?  The flower girl enjoyed her banner.

This is a “before” photo.  I love the hairied look of the preparation for the resulting family photo.

See?  You’d never guess everyone had just been running ragged to make this beautiful portrait happen. (O.K., if you’re a parent, yes, you would.)  😉

Back inside the church, we wanted to photograph some of that amazing architecture.

On the Buffalo waterfront:

We had never been to Asbury Hall, but WOW!!  It’s a stunning, renovated church.  We were warned to bring extra light, which we did.  And, we love the light in the resulting images!!  This is during the toasts:

Their first dance as man and wife:

On the stage is a live band, The Oriental Express.  Highly recommend!!!  They are fabulous!

You can see the crowd enjoyed them!

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