Jason + Marie Married! At St. John the Baptist and Fox Valley Country Club

Do you know the story behind the Claddagh ring (the one with 2 hands holding a heart)?  We didn’t either, until Jason and Marie’s wedding this past Saturday.  The priest, a family friend, came up from Boston to Buffalo to perform their ceremony and told the story.  Look into it when you have a minute.

This is Marie, the beautiful bride, with their daughter/flower girl.

The groom’s brother/best man, with the rings.

Marie has this fabulous smile.  Here she is, about to get out of the limo at the church.

The priest gave me permission in the middle of the service to come up on the altar and photograph.  I hesitated, unsure that I really heard him correctly.  He waved me forward!  Oh, yeah!!

So, Kevin was at the back of the church for their descent and I was at the front.  I’m super happy with this series of images!

This image is the result of an experiment.  Marie’s dress was so flowy, I wanted to show it in motion.  I love the surreal look of the dress.

Jason had a special request: some passionate-embrace photos.  This smile is the result of hoots and hollers from the bridal party.

But, soon the bridal party was forgotten, and I think some passion is evident here.

Look at this cake!

A sweet cake-smush.

The maid of honor’s speech was met by smiles and laughs by all, except the nervous best man, who would be the next to give a speech.

Beautiful first dance.

Every once in a while, we encounter a Happy Surprise while editing.  This image was taken by Kevin, but he caught my light streaming in from the left of the frame.  Since the strobe flashes for a tiny fraction of a second, the timing here was perfect.  I love the “star quality”.

On the dance floor:

We did sparklers!!

Bouquet toss:

Jason, the groom, dancing with his two girls.

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