George + Nicole at First Congregational United Church of Christ and Mendon Golf Club

For October 8 in Rochester, NY, George and Nicole had a balmy wedding day.  The temperature neared 80 degrees!  Fall colors were just coming on, and we made sure to capture some.

Their church, in Fairport, NY.

Nicole, dressed, ready to go:


Nicole and her mom in the limo:

This little guy was so pleased to be photographed!  He wanted me to be sure he made a magazine cover.  Well, I can only do so much, so here’s your moment of fame.  😉

At the altar:

 George, showing off his new bling:

What a kiss!  George had to hand off his glasses to his best man for this “you may now kiss your bride.”

We went along the canal for photos.  Check out these posers!

I think I could photograph George and Nicole all day.  They’re naturals.

Their grand entry into the reception:

First dance:


Please feel free to leave comments on facebook.  George and Nicole, congratulations!!  May your beautiful day be followed by many more!!